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We truly believe feedback and mentorship should be free but in light of recent events, we have come to a serious realisation. We think it should be US charging YOU to see our work. As the future of advertising rests on our shoulders, our brilliant book could be the key to your next hire. With all bids starting at £1,000, please select a time slot and place your price.

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Will I get a confirmation email with my bid?

Yes. Along with your invoice.


What if I can't make my booking?

Then you lose out on a once in a life-time opportunity to meet the future of advertising.


Where Does My Money Go?

It goes towards a rewarding hour long conversation with us. You'll leave inspired, emotional and hopefully with a new view on the world. Think of it as the most expensive meet and greet you've ever bought!


No Seriously?

We are seriously NOT taking any money. We just want to have a book crit with you. 

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