A woman's body goes through war and comes out the other side stronger. Battered and bruised, they feel the same ache and pain, wear and tear of their male counterparts. 


However, 70% of women do not wear the correct fitting sports bra, and this means the damage and strain can last a lifetime. What are we if we aren’t supporting our girls?


Nike understands what the body goes through when playing sports. When performance should be at its very best, there's no better brand to be backed by. We want to showcase that in partnership with FIFA in a new campaign for all types of women.


New Tech experIEnce

Visitors to NikeTown are able to wear 'The Fitting Bra', a high-engineered sports bra equipped with motion sensors

that detect women’s unique size and range of movement to find the perfect fitted sports bra for them.


While collecting the data from The Fitting Bra, women can take part take part in The Ultimate Support Experience

by visualising themselves in their sporting scenario with projection mapping.


Once the data is collected, it will be put through the app, where you can customise your sports bra.


PR stunt

Visitors can show their support by customising their unique sports bra with their team kit of choice.


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