Women need to be protected whilst being on their period. Unfortunately as prices rise, it becomes harder to afford menstruation items. 


1 in 5 women in the UK have to choose between menstruation products and food. We believe you should not have to choose between going hungry or being protected.


Boots is the most visited pharmacy and health store in the UK and sells hundreds of meal deals everyday. Boots new campaign: Feed Your Flow, aims to bring awareness to others that period poverty is not just about tampons and pads but about all things that are considered essential.


We will place redesigned menstruation products in the food to go areas of Boots stores across the UK. With each purchase, Boots will provide women with a free meal deal in order to bring awareness that they should not have to choose between going hungry or being protected.

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We will let women know about this campaign through social media and push notifications from period tracking apps. With millions of women relying on apps to track their period, Boots can notify them about the in-store offer so they can prepare for their next cycle without having to worry about going hungry.